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IG-331 Gloss Checker

The IG-331 is economical, lightweight and compact; it features "one-touch" calibration. It can be used at 20° or the standard 60° measuring angle. Ideal for checking printing substrates.

Micrometers for Flexo Applications

The FPI series of micrometers were specifically designed for use in the flexographic industry to measure a variety of flexible materials.

IG-320 Glossmeter

Easy to use and to calibrate, the IG-320 glossmeter is a compact, portable unit with the standard 60° measuring angle. It is solidly built for use in a production setting.

IG-410 Gloss and Ultra Glossmeter

The latest model IG-410 glossmeter now checks gloss and ultra-high gloss surfaces with a mirror finish. This glossmeter has a measurement range that is ten times greater than the conventional model. Now even metallic finishes and substrates can be measured.