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Single and Multisource Luminaires

These color viewing luminaires provide the precise color quality specified by ATSM D1729-96 for critical color comparisons.


  • Aluminized reflectors for maximum output and neutral color rendition
  • UV-transmitting, optically clear, prismatic lens
  • Electronic lamp ballasts for dependable, flicker-free operation
  • Operation on a range of input voltage (120-240V)
  • Meet the ATSM D1729-96 standard for critical color comparisons

CMlite Lamps

GTI® lamps are manufactured with a unique blend of fluorescent phosphors. Unequaled by similar lamps in the industry, the CMlite® lamps produce a true full-spectrum white light which renders colors with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency. In GTI equipment, the CMlite color viewing lamp produces an actual system CRI approaching 95.

GLL-e Series

GLL-e luminaires are designed to be installed on switched electrical circuits so neither switches nor line cords are included with them (however a line cord is available as an option at an additional cost for each light source).

GLL-432e Luminaire with a single light source (your choice of D65, D75 or D50) with four 48''/122cm T8 lamps.

GLL-DSe Dual light source luminaire that consists of four 48''/122cm D50 T8 lamps and four 48''/122cm D65 T8 lamps.

GLL-DS/40e Dual light source luminaire that consists of five 60''/152cm D50 T8 lamps and five 60''/152cm D65 T8 lamps.

GLL-M3/32e Luminaire with three light sources (D65; CWF or TL84; incandescent 2856K). This system includes four 48''/ 122cm D65 T8 lamps, three 48''/122cm CWF (or TL84) T8 lamps and six incandescent 2856K lamps. Other light sources such as D50, D75, U30 (ADV30), SPX35 and TL83 are available upon request.

GLE Unit

The GLE multisource luminaire is supplied with a line cord and front-mounted control switches. It can be supplied with a ColorGuard® II light monitoring system which displays the lamp hours used, lamp hours remaining and warm-up time, and which also provides a warning in advance when relamping is needed.

GLE-DS Dual light source luminaire that consists of five 48''/122cm D50 T8 lamps and five 48''/122cm D65 T8 lamps.

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