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Safelight Filters

"Safelight" is defined as the room light and illumination that will not fog photographic material during the time required for normal handling and processing. We offer a variety of safelight products with filters specially formulated to exactly match the color sensitivity of the photographic products on the market. These safelight products offer virtually shadow-free illumination, reducing eyestrain and providing a better working environment. The fade-free filters are designed for long life; the safety sleeves will contain glass fragments and protect personnel and valuable equipment in case of any lamp breakage.

Available in a Variety of Formats

  • Single Lamp Complete Fixture
  • Double Lamp Complete Fixture
  • Complete Safelight Kit including Lamp
  • Sleeve Only without Lamp
  • Window Filter
  • Laminated Safelight Panels

Single and Double Lamp Complete Fixtures

The Single Lamp Fixture is the perfect choice for a heavy-duty, wall- or ceiling-mounted safelight with one lamp. It features your choice of safelight filter and easy installation.

The Double Lamp Fixture provides maximum safe illumination at a low cost. It is equipped with two safelights of your choice as it is designed for installations requiring two different safelight environments.

Safelight Kit with or without a Fluorescent Lamp

The Complete Safelight Kit consists of a polycarbonate safety sleeve, fluorescent lamp and safety end caps, and a selection of filters for all photographic processes. The kit can be used as a replacement lamp for the Single and Double Lamp Complete Fixtures mentioned above, or to install in a locally available light fixture.

We also offer the Safelight Kit without a fluorescent lamp; it includes the polycarbonate safety sleeve, safety end caps and a selection of filters for all photographic processes. The sleeve is placed over a T5 (.625''/16mm diameter), T8 (1''/ 25mm diameter) or T12 (1.5''/38mm diameter) fluorescent lamp purchased locally.

These filters are not suitable for use with high-output lamps.

Formula to Determine the Filters Required

One 48''/122cm 40W-fluorescent lamp safelight is required for each area measuring 50 square feet, taking into account the entire room and not just the area where the sensitive material will be handled.

Window Filter

Convert any room into a safe environment for handling your expensive light- sensitive materials. Available in rolls of 4x32'/1.22x10m. One layer is recommended for inside-facing windows and two layers are recommended for outside-facing windows.

Laminated Safelight Panels

These flat panels are used in conjunction with the diffuser panels in recessed fluorescent ceiling fixtures and are .015"/.381mm thick. Available in standard sizes of 24x48''/61x122cm and 24x24''/61x61cm.

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