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Putz Pomade Roller and Blanket Cleaner

Putz Pomade is the original roller and blanket cleaner and conditioner for use on offset, web, rotogravure, proof and letterpresses. It is also an excellent cleaning agent for rotogravure cylinders, and is available as a paste or liquid. Putz Pomade Liquid Flow cleans and extends the life of OPC drums used on digital presses.


  • Designed to be used while the press is inked
  • Works well even with black or yellow inks
  • Shortens the wash-up time on press by up to 50%
  • Reduces wasted sheets to reach color acceptability, thereby increasing productivity
  • Works well with clean-up sheets
  • Improves print quality
  • Stops the glazing and stripping process of rollers
  • Deep cleaning and deep deglazing action restores optimum ink distribution
  • Removes dried-up crystallized ink from rollers, thereby improving their affinity for ink
  • Rejuvenates and reconditions blankets and rollers
  • Keeps rollers in perfect condition with regular use
  • Nonflammable and not harmful to skin
  • Established, proven product that really works


6 Lbs. per gallon/716 grams per liter, 5.5%


For Color Changes and Rollers:
Remove the plate prior to cleaning the rollers. Apply a thin bead to the feed roller and idle the press for a few minutes. Clean up as usual. Thoroughly remove all Putz Pomade during clean-up.

For Blankets:
Apply Putz Pomade to a cleaning pad. Wipe the blanket in a circular motion and clean up as usual.

For OPC Drums:
Apply Putz Pomade Liquid Flow to a lint-free cloth and wipe Putz on the drum to remove toner particles.

Use a dampened and soft lint-free cloth to remove the Putz and run about 50 sheets to prepare the unit for printing (it is important not to use an excessive amount of water to remove Putz as it can get inside the end seams of the drum). Or completely remove all the Putz product with a soft, lint-free cloth before printing.


Liquid Bottle 15 oz./444 ml (6 per case)
Paste 15 oz./444 ml (12 per case)

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