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PiP Paste Ink Proofer

The PiP Paste Ink Proofer is used for quick, repeatable and highly accurate proofing and color matching of all types of litho, web offset and letterpress inks and varnishes. The Paste Ink Proofer is unique in featuring automated operation, eliminating the need to weigh or measure ink samples.


  • Accurate proofs produced in a single operation
  • No messy measuring nor weighing of inks, unlike other proofers
  • Two inks may be proofed simultaneously for comparison
  • Complete inking/proofing cleaning cycle only takes 2-3 minutes
  • Multiple proofs are easily obtained using any substrate
  • Reduction of press downtime


The PiP is an essential tool for both ink manufacturers and printers, providing the simplest method of producing high quality proofs. These proofs may be used for computer color matching data, for customer samples or for testing color, gloss, opacity, drying, penetration, set off, and rub and abrasion resistance. Pigment and other raw material suppliers will find this unit invaluable for assessing their products.

Automatic Operation

The operation of the Paste Ink Proofer could not be easier. The operator simply takes a spatula of ink, applies it across the laser-engraved ceramic roller and presses a button to start the automatic inking and printing process. The ink is distributed between the ceramic and blanket rollers at a controlled speed. After a pre-set time, the doctor blade removes all the excess ink from the engraved roller, leaving behind a known film thickness on the blanket roller. Printing speed and pressure are automatically adjusted, and a proof is then made using paper, board, tinplate or nearly any other flexible or rigid substrate.

Multiple proofs are easily obtained by the addition of more ink. For users who want to print two inks simultaneously for comparison purposes, a split blanket roller is available or, when it is necessary to print all three standard ink densities simultaneously, a triple-bank engraved roller can be used.

During the entire inking and proofing cycle, only three parts (the two rollers and the doctor blade) come into contact with the ink, and these simply lift out for cleaning. Thus, the entire inking/proofing/cleaning cycle takes only 2-3 minutes. Anilox offset inking has been well proven over recent years on more than 300 production machines.

Ink Film

The ink film on the blanket roller is accurately metered by a screen engraved on the inking roller. The inking roller has a polished ceramic surface that is covered in uniform cells that have been laser-engraved. The number and depth of these cells are accurately controlled and contain a constant volume of ink.

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