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Flexiproof 100 and Flexiproof 100 UV

The Flexiproof© is available in two versions, the Flexiproof 100 and Flexiproof 100 UV. Both are small but exact versions of a flexographic press and are ideal for quality control purposes and to insure performance and consistency of inks and substrates. The Flexiproof is used as a proof press to free up the production press to generate profit.

UV curing extends the capabilities of this precision bench-top sample preparation system still further. Model Flexiproof 100 UV will enable users to accurately simulate UV printing for all prepress applications, from computer color matching to customer samples and quality control, and from R&D to printability testing, and to address printability problems such as pinholing, adhesion, absorption, gloss, shrinkage and wetting.


Flexiproof is used for quality control purposes, for the preparation and submission of samples, for research and development, to obtain data for computer color management, and to determine characteristics of the inks and substrates such as color, gloss, opacity, drying, penetration, and rub and abrasion resistance.


  • Eliminates press downtime by color matching off-press
  • Ideal for quality control testing and to ensure consistency of performance of inks and substrates over time
  • Computer color matching of inks, database preparation and sample preparation
  • Eliminates the need to use a production printing press for pilot runs, as this unit is a scaled-down, but exact, version of a full-sized flexo press
  • Can be used to determine performance properties such as wear resistance, scratch resistance, flexibility, durability and gloss
  • Used in research and development to test for product viability and commercial viability
  • Prints on all typical commercial substrates, including paper, film and foil
  • Minimizes expensive on-press waste production, boosts customer confidence and minimizes customer returns

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