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K Lox Proofers

The automatic or manual K Lox proofer provides a simple manner to apply liquid inks and other fluid coatings onto any substrate. Use the K Lox to produce accurate and repeatable proofs that closely resemble conventional flexo printing. These proofers are an essential tool for ink makers and printers alike, ideal for R&D, quality control and presentation samples and computer color matching data.

Where a number of operators may be involved or when the highest degree of repeatability is demanded (for example, when using the prints for computer color matching), the Automatic K Lox Proofer is recommended. This unit eliminates any variation in speed and pressure, and an accurate print is produced every time. The unit operates at variable speeds up to 15m/min.

An air-driven version is available for use in hazardous areas.


  • Instant flexo proofs
  • Easy to use, easy to clean
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Reduced press downtime
  • Fully interchangeable rollers up to 500 lines per inch

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