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K303 Multi-Head Coater

The K303 can be supplied with interchangeable flexo, gravure and metering bar coating heads. This instrument is used to make accurate and reproducible prints and coatings of a wide range of products on many different substrates. The heads are fully interchangeable in a matter of minutes, providing gravure and flexo printing and the most accurate surface coatings and laminations.

K303 with Metering Bar Coating Head

  • Film applicator for all types of paper coatings, liquid printing inks, paints, adhesives, varnishes and other surface coatings
  • Its accuracy and repeatability make it an ideal unit for the production of samples for quality control and research and development
  • Samples are suitable for all physical tests, including computer color matching, visual color matching, adhesion, gloss
  • Bars available for wet film coatings from 4-500 microns
  • Maximum coating area (A3 size) of 13.8x17.3''/35x44cm

K303 with Gravure Printing Head

  • Standard gravure proofer is used in laboratories for quality control on all conventional ink/substrate combinations for color, adhesion, printability, etc.
  • Standard gravure plates: Model 303/D8W 8 wedges, 150 lines/inch, at 100-60% Model 303/S3W 3 wedges, 150 lines/inch, at 100-80-60%
  • Maximum printing area of 10.8x11.2''/27.5x28.5cm

K303 with Flexographic Printing Head

  • Uses doctored anilox flexo plates from which the ink is transferred via the stereo roller onto the substrate
  • Very fine pressure adjustments can be made to obtain a perfect print on most substrates by using micrometers (the settings for any particular substrate can be recorded)
  • Customized natural or synthetic rubber stereos to your own design which can include your company logo and details
  • Flexo printing head can also be used to produce gravure offset proofs
  • Standard flexo plates (may also be used for solid area gravure printing): Model 303/35 150 lines/inch at 100% Model 303/25 200 lines/inch at 60%
  • Maximum printing area of 10.5x10.4''/26.6x26.4cm

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