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K Control Coater K101 and K202

These units are widely used for the application of liquid printing inks, varnishes, adhesives, paints and many other surface coatings to produce quick, accurate and repeatable samples. The proofs may then be used for quality control and presentation purposes, research and development, and computer color matching data, elements vital to a company's success in the modern world.


  • Controlled speed and pressure to ensure repeatable results
  • Coating by wire-wound bars or gap applicators
  • Easy to use, easy to clean
  • Three-part Melinex/foam/rubber coating bed is supplied as standard; vacuum, magnetic, heated and glass beds are also available
  • Two models offering coated areas up to 6.7x9.8''/170x250mm (model K101) or 12.8x9.8''/325x250mm (model K202)
  • Multiple coatings in one operation for comparison purposes
  • Standard coating speeds infinitely variable between 2 and 15m/min

Meter Bar Drawdowns

Meter bars provide the simplest method of applying accurate, repeatable layers of surface coatings on most substrates. The bar is produced by winding precision-drawn stainless steel wire on a stainless steel rod, resulting in a pattern of identically shaped grooves. These grooves then precisely control the wet film thickness. Close wound bars will produce a coating thickness from 4 to 120µm. Higher coating weights up to 500µm can be obtained using spirally wound bars. We offer a wide selection of standard and special order metering bars.


A range of adjustable or fixed gap applicators is available for use with the K Control Coater. These are widely used for higher viscosity and thixotropic materials and for high coating weights.

  • Micrometer-adjustable applicator
  • 4-sided applicator
  • Bird applicator
  • Cube film applicator
  • K wedge bar

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