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Manual Paste Ink Hand Coater

The Manual Paste Ink Hand Coater for offset inks is an inexpensive method of creating drawdowns for proofing and quality control purposes. It can be used with both conventional and UV inks.


  • Quick, easy and accurate way to proof ink and coatings on a variety of printing stocks
  • Handsome handcrafted black walnut box containing quality instruments is an impressive tool for any ink lab or plant
  • Ink proofing kit contains everything you need for your ink proofing projects
  • The Buna-N roller for UV inks or solvents is made of natural rubber which is hand-laid on the core
  • The polyurethane roller for paste inks produces excellent drawdowns

Kit Consists of Everything Needed to Make Drawdowns

  • Polyurethane or Buna-N roller with handle
  • Metal bar ink gauge
  • Metallic plunger with angled shaft to prevent it from rolling
  • Stainless steel pad with 2x8''/5.1x20.3cm surface
  • Ink spatula
  • Ink gauge cleaners
  • Black walnut storage box

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