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EVS Color Viewing Stations

We offer a selection of viewing booths for critical soft proofing applications. These units feature an accurate D50 color standard viewing and soft proofing environment which complies with ISO 3664:2009.


  • ISO 3664 standard viewing conditions
  • Digital dimming for precise intensity control
  • LiteGuard® II viewing system monitor
  • Air filters for CPU cabinet
  • Single or dual LCD monitor support
  • Easy-to-move model on included floor casters
  • Convenient pull-out keyboard tray
  • Sidewalls to block ambient light

Advantages of Soft Proofing

You may still find it necessary to produce a hard proof; however, soft proofs that can be viewed on a computer monitor and easily shared with those in the production process provide money- and time-saving benefits which include:

  • Allowing more personnel involved in the production and color approval of a job to assist with image and text changes and with the review of the latest copy of a proof
  • Making last-minute changes readily
  • Reducing the cost of materials
  • Decreasing the cost and time involved in transporting hard proofs to those involved in the job approval process
  • Getting jobs to press faster

Special Design Features

EVS/SP viewing systems are designed to provide consistent and accurate ISO standard viewing conditions in addition to the ideal viewing environment to evaluate soft proofs. The digital intensity control allows precise matching of the luminance of the color monitor for accurate soft proofing and includes a bypass switch to easily change to full intensity for hard copy comparisons (while the soft proofing intensity setting is maintained).

Single or dual LCD monitors (not included) can easily be mounted in the center of the rear wall for optimal viewing since each mounting arm allows full swivel, tilt or pull-out (for calibration) adjustability of the monitor. The LiteGuard II viewing system monitor (which indicates when the unit is warmed up and when the lamps require changing) is included with the EVS/SP models.

Available Sizes

EVS-1/SP viewing area of 29x52''/74x132cm
EVS-3552/SP with casters viewing area of 35x52''/89x132cm

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