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EVS-2540 Color Viewing Station

The EVS-2540 is available with viewing areas of 25x40"/64x102cm for critical color viewing and evaluation. These color evaluation units are ideal for use in pressrooms, offices and conference rooms or any area where color must be assessed using the ISO 3664:2009 industry color viewing standard.


  • Compliance with ISO 3664:2009
  • True 5000 Kelvin color temperature lighting
  • Uniform illumination
  • Graphiclite 100 color viewing lamps
  • Munsell N8/ gray surround
  • High-efficiency reflectors
  • Neutral diffusers that will not yellow
  • Shipped disassembled to reduce costs
  • Optional sidewalls to help create a better viewing environment
  • Print bar allows positioning of an image vertically on the back wall for direct comparison to the press sheet on the horizontal viewing area

Munsell N8/ Gray Surround

The EVS-2540 is supplied with standard Munsell N8/ gray interior and optional sidewalls to help create a better viewing environment.

Lamp Monitoring System

LiteGuard® II is a critical quality control monitor, a backlit liquid crystal display of lamp hours used and lamp hours remaining on the daylight source. The LiteGuard II also indicates warm-up time and the hours remaining until recommended relamping.

Graphiclite 100 Lamps

Every GTI color viewing system features Graphiclite 100 color viewing lamps. To ensure optimum viewing conditions, these lamps are manufactured with a unique blend of fluorescent phosphors. Unequaled by any other 5000 Kelvin lamp in the industry, these Graphiclite 100 lamps produce a true full-spectrum white light which renders colors with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency. The Graphiclite 100 lamp produces an actual system CRI approaching 95.

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