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K Lox Proofers

Use this unit to apply flexo inks and other fluid coatings onto any substrate to produce repeatable proofs that closely resemble conventional flexo printing.

Wire-Wound Drawdown Bars

We supply a wide range of metering bars manufactured to the highest quality standards with accurate winding for excellent repeatability, providing predictable coatings at a minimal cost.

K Hand Coater

The KHC offers a simple manner of applying coatings onto substrates, including paper, board, plastic film, foil, metal plates and glass plates. Two coatings can be applied side-by-side.

Esiproof Manual Proofer

The Esiproof produces solid or halftone flexo proofs. It is unique in its use of a doctor blade on the anilox roller which enables proofing of fine tones and higher viscosity inks.

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