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GLL-e Series Luminaires

The most economical way to meet the ISO standard for color communication and our most popular unit for production areas. Designed to be hard-wired into a switched electrical circuit; available with optional power cord. These units cannot be fitted with a LiteGuard II lamp monitor device.

Vertical Wall Viewing

We offer a unique array of specially designed luminaires, mounting fixtures and mounting accessories to enable accurate large format color viewing on a vertical surface.

GLE Series Luminaires

Attractive, thin profile luminaires are ideal for use in offices, conference rooms and design studios as well as production areas. Supplied with a switch and line cord, and can be adapted with the optional LiteGuard II to monitor lamp life. Use to comply with ISO color viewing standards.

VPI Vertical Print Inspector

Available in 3 sizes, VPI units provide accurate ISO standard viewing conditions for large format applications and are available with variable intensity and a lower luminaire light source.