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Replacement D50 Graphiclite 100 Lamps

Relamping is an economical manner to insure standard ISO viewing conditions and Graphiclite 100 lamps produce a true full-spectrum white light for the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency.

CRD Color Rendition Demonstrator

This portable three-compartment viewer simultaneously demonstrates the color rendition of D50, cool white fluorescent and incandescent lighting on "identical" prints or color samples. It clearly demonstrates how the color of a sample is affected by various light sources.

D5000 Visual Color Aid

The RHEM Light Indicator will indicate visually whether all involved in the color evaluation chain are judging color accuracy with or without a 5000K standard light source.

ISO 3664:2009 Color Viewing Standard

GTI products meet the five ISO 3664:2009 criteria for color viewing, comparison and communication used in the printing and photographic industries.

Standard Gray Neutral Matte

Prepare new color viewing facilities or refurbish old ones with the industry-specified neutral matte gray, specifically formulated for color viewing areas. Choose from Standard Gray Neutral 7, 8 or 5 (available in gallons or pints).

SCV Simultaneous Color Viewer

The SCV is used for the side-by-side evaluation of one or more color samples simultaneously under four different light sources, plus UV. This provides an instant visual demonstration of the color constancy of the sample and assists with color selection.

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